A quick guide for Jurassic World Alive


Jurassic World Alive is now available for IOS and Android users. It is the best part of it to see real-world locations just like Pokemon Go. In the game, a lots of dinosaurs are available like real world for you. It’s hard to play for the beginners, but try to watch all tutorials properly to understand it. Try to play it because it is a very good source to reduce the stress by playing it. You have to learn many more things to play it.

How to catch the dinosaurs

You can’t pick the dinosaurs directly because; in Jurassic World Alive you have to shoot the dinosaur with darts to extract all DNA samples. Players can easily catch the dinosaurs by making a clone. For finding dinosaurs, you have to open the map to know the location of them. If you want to shoot the darts, then you should place your finger on the screen and try to move it around the target. Take help from drone to make a target. If you want to create the dinosaur, then you have to collect the DNA samples of same species. After collecting these all things, you should click on the create button to finish the process of making the dinosaur.

Offer wall

This game has an offer wall for you to collect the free offers or free rewards without any mission. If you want to get great offers here, then you should download other small games. Just keep browsing for getting the best offers.


Try to use basic attacks in the time of battles, because you can use the strong move at difficult fights. You can use the strong moves only for the limited time, so it is better for you to don’t waste them unnecessarily by using Jurassic World Alive Hack.



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