Clash of Kings- Guide to Defeat the Enemies


Games based on battles are gaining more popularity nowadays. In the digital world, you can find many of best games for the mobile and Clash of Kings is one of them. You have to build your empire in the game and fight with many of enemies to save the troops from attacks. Try to manage all the works in the citizen to save the time and make a better town. Take help from the tutorials, guides and Clash Of Kings Hack to learn the basics correctly.

Participate in Quests

There is no limit to play the quests in Clash of Kings, and it makes the game easy for you in the needy time. You can find the option to join these small missions on the screen. These quests not hard to complete and you should participate in all of these to collect the special gifts and rewards.

Give work to all troops

If you have a lot of citizens in the game, then it’s your responsibility to use them in the best way. Don’t give all the work to one group. It is better for you to distribute the work to citizens correctly. Use a large number of people as soldiers to make a strong army.  It is good to have the big military to kill all the enemies faster.

Join the Alliance

The game allows you to play it with multiple players. You can play the game with strangers by using the Alliance features. It is very beneficial for you to join the alliance to earn the special gifts. You have the option to send invitations to your friends to join the alliance. It is important to spend the time to complete the task in the alliance.

These all things can help you to become the best player in Clash of Kings.

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