Effective tips to improve your performance in Hustle Castle


Effective tips to improve your performance in Hustle Castle

Hustle Castle is a great game when it comes to role-playing. This game seems pretty easy but when you come across different high-level players, at once you’ll think that this game can’t be played without real money. But here’s the play, there is no need to worry because we’ve come up few tips and tricks for you guys. These tips and tricks can be very effective if you imply.

It is really difficult to make a way out of a mission and in that case, the only way left is to upgrade your castle. In order to know how to face such issues, below mentioned tips can help you a lot. So let’s get started-

·         Always remember to keep your dwellers happy. The face that appears on the screen is your people’s happiness and that can earn you 5% bonus and up to 20% if you’re a premium user.

·         Try maxing out your treasury as soon as possible and it will help you a lot extra and as a result to earn extra. You can even upgrade your village for more storage space.

·         Complete missions and take part in the different campaigns to earn extra. Completing these missions can be a bit difficult but if you work out hard and it will surely let you earn a lot.

·         Activating premium can be useful actually. Yes, you have to spend real money or use Hustle Castle Hack in order to be a premium user. But it’s only a good way to earn a lot extra. Getting premium monthly pass can let you earn a 20% bonus and trust me it is a lot more than just extra.

·         Try to make use of your equipment and you should be smart enough to know what kind of weapon you should use and how it will affect your performance in the combat. Keep an eye on gearing up and try upgrading as much as possible.

Bottom line

This game takes you to the virtual world full of adventure and it feels awesome to rule a kingdom of your own. This can be sometimes frustrating when your people are not happy and you just feel like quitting. Don’t you worry boy as these above-mentioned tips can help you take out your real player. Stay tuned for more such tips and tricks and I hope you like this guide, visit in reddit.