Episode Choose Your Story – how to clear some hurdles


Episode Choose Your Story – how to clear some hurdles

Well, episode chooses your story is the one of the excellent game available in the app store. This game totally based on the storyline in which players can develop their own stories.  it is published by episode interactive which is compatible with iOS and Android platforms. Still, if you have not known about this special game then you should download from play store. Install the game and get entertained yourself in the spare time. Making your own stories helps you to boost your rank by peak point. To make the game exciting developers make some exciting features. Here are some tips and tricks which definitely help you to clear some issues in the game.

Stories options

Without excitement life is nothing and these games provide you a lot of fun with a variety of features. They give you resources in the form of currency and gems and several kinds of stories and other special stuff. If you are getting bored or doing nothing in your spare times then it is an excellent option for you to make some outstanding time by playing it.  Having currency and gems assist you to survive in the game, always try to give best short and get higher success rates without facing any hurdles.

Entertaining tips

It depends on you what type of story you are choosing fantasy or drama, always try to choose perfect decision otherwise you will face many issues.  it has several kinds of stories like exciting activity, romantic and action and other many more. When you choose any story it gives you many stories which can be unlocked rapidly. These choices are very easy to use either you have to decide dress to wear for marriages and select guys for a romantic date. Before making any decision you should learn entire guidelines a single mistake can change your whole story. You have to earn a lot of coins and gems If you want to unlock this episode.


It is most important currency in this game which might help you to buy several things in the game for example outfits and makeup kits etc. the most complicated thing in the game to earn gems you have to work very hard for it. if you are logging on the daily basis developers will give you a bonus in terms of gems by trying Episode Hack. However, some game devotees purchase diamonds with hard cash or if you do not want to spend plastic currency then you choose some tips and tricks.

Passes is important

With the availability of numerous story in every game and each story comes with huge chapter and episodes. When you install the game it gives you first few storylines unlocked and you can read easily without any spending. Having passes will allow you to unlock some advance stories, without these it is not possible to develop a new story.

With the help of login after two hours, they will give you points as rewards.  Developers held many contests and the higher rank player will able to earn unlimited points. Facebook and some other social networking site play an important aspect in the game.  You will able to invite your near and dear ones in this game and whenever some players accept your message they will give you some money.

Promotes your storyline

Episode chooses your story give you popular feature that can help you to publish your creativity worldwide. Hence, if you want to become a writer then this wonderful feature is for you.  after publishing your story, it will reach to huge amount of players so always try to make a story without any errors and effects. Before making any story you should check which one story is popular that might help give you an idea which kinds of stories in the trending.

Vital aspects you need to know

On the other hand, after liking page of the developer on Facebook, you will able to know the popular storylines and you should read reviews and experience of the game on the official website. Competition is going very tough so try to make storyline without any grammatical problem. Keep in mind, Billions of users are going to read your story, you have to write 100%unique article.