How To Earn More Diamonds, Points, Emblems, And Tickets In Mobile Legend?


Diamonds, tickets, and battle points are the main currencies of Mobile Legends game from which all the tasks can be performed. It is essential for all the users to collect each currency in sufficient amount if they need to play smoothly. Moreover, these currencies play a vital role in the game from which every task should be done without getting stressed. Also, earning more currencies permits a player to become a master gamer. One can use a mobile legend hack tool to make all of them in a more massive amount. Let’s discuss all about these currencies for getting more advantages.

Battle points

Battle points are considered as main game currency, which can be earned by participating in different battles, events, or solo missions. This currency can be used for various purpose like for buying heroes or upgrading existing ones.


Diamonds are considered as the premium currency of the game, which can be used to purchasing individual items in the game. It can be earned by completing daily quests or leveling up more. Many users take a long time to make this currency as it is not easy to collect it like a toffee. But with the help of mobile legend hack tool, one can earn it more.


Tickets are only offered to players when they win PVP battles more. It can be used for buying individual gears for the heroes. Don’t panic as with the help of some daily rewards and PVP battles can be earned more.


Emblems are the unique tokens that can be used to upgrade the skills and health of heroes. This currency can be earned by completing several milestones and objectives.