Interesting new game for the gamers



Yet an interesting and amazing game has been developed for the gamer is gun of glory. It is a strategic play game and its graphics are real time. A worth play game for the gamers who are eager to try new games. It is addictive game which can attracts us to it easily. The theme of the game may usual but it will make us to play again and again. It makes us to feel that we are conquering in the real battle and we are in the real battle field with our enemies.

About the game

It might seem to be a normal game in the ads and video of the game. But once you get into the game you feel that it is different kind compared to other games. The weapons we are using here is not usual as the other games. We use musketeers with steam punks and high power airships. The basic theme of the gun of glory will be as the other strategic games as it will be providing a base for our village and little amount of resources initially. Then we should upgrade our estate and our resources. The game has an amazing graphics which attracts all easily.

Guns of glory game play

You should be the supreme hero acquire the crown by defeating all your enemies in the battle. Make your base estate by the given resources initially you will not be able to construct an army base so join an army troop and get trained there. Then built your own army base and fight with all your enemies to get the crown. The rehash and reskins are used in the guns of glory game play. It has a specially made theme than other games. You can win all the battles effectively by the special weapons used in the game unlike other games.

Instructions to play

            In the start of the game you are accused for the murder of the king. There a war takes places. Then you will be move to safest places by other warriors. At the place you reached, you will be provided with an old base there you have constructed your own estate. There your kingdom and your rule begin. You can get to know about the game through the commands provided to you at each and every step move in the game.

Game tutorial

Separate tutorials are present in the game which guides us to gun of glory game play. Those tutorial will helps you to tackle the tasks assigned for you and makes you to understand the game’s theme. The weapons usage will also be explained clearly. In our own estate we are king. We have to fight with all the monsters and the NPCs around our base. We have timer in that we can speed all the things to happen quickly. The major part of us is constructing the huge blocks in our estate. We have to give proper and effective training to our troops to win all the battles. You can choose the locations to attack of your own. The new mechanisms will be formed after every updates. Although the game is not a new one for the gamers. Yet it gives you the new experiences.