Wild Tamer: Make the strategies by using 5 tips



The Wild Tamer is a role-playing game where you need to take the correct decision to save the kingdom. When the players start playing the game, they will meet with different animals. If you want to have the experience of the Stone Age, then it is the perfect game for you that can let you have the thrilling experience.


Complete the task

As much as you will complete the task, then you will earn more diamonds. In Wild Tamer, there is no option to collect the free diamonds, so you have to complete the task and claim the diamonds. Make sure that try a newer concept for completing the task.

Don’t turn materials

In all the game, there are three types of material that the player needs to collect while exploring the places: red bones, yellow feathers, and blue fangs. Through these things, you buy that equipment which is valuable for the games.

Level up of animals and things

While playing Wild Tamer, all the players are needed to make the level up. When the level up you can hunt more animals and make the adventure. The critical thing to do all the game is to update the resources. The updated resources help the player to get something better.


As you have your kingdom, so it is your responsibility to make all the things balanced. For balancing the things, you need some creators. The best aspect of the Wild Tamer is that it allows less than 30 creators to adjust the elements.

How to find animals?

As the game is based on searching the animals and kill them, so you need such ideas to find the animals. You will get the map to know the directions. When exploring the place where the animal is the map will show the red sign, through this you will find the animals.

So, these are some tips to gain some coins and winning the battle as it is based on role-playing, so you have to maintain balance and take the correct decisions.


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